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Can Nutrition help you?

Working with a nutritionist can help you manage various health concerns like digestive health, allergies, blood sugar, weight loss + more.

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Specialized food recipes curated for your health needs

Only natural & healthy products

Take control of your health with our nutritional plans

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Our services are specifically tailored to individuals focusing on increasing nutrient deficiencies to combat health issues.

Nutrition Coaching

Book a single session, or a package, and we will work with you at your own pace and in the style that suits you best.

We take a full health history, and understand your health goals, nutrition concerns, your lifestyle, food preferences, schedule + all of the information we need to create a customized nutrition plan for you.

Meal Planning

Our customized meal plans cover the following areas:

Weight Loss,

Nutrition Management for Diabetes, Cancer, Athritis, etc

Post Natal Care

Increased Productivity

Sports Perfomance.

Workplace Wellness

We offer complete workplace nutrition services for you and your employees, and we can provide:

Individualized sessions on-site

Health and nutrition advice + tips provided during session

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Our Nutritionists

Our expert team of Nutritionists is here to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to shop, cook and eat healthy. We love providing customers with the nutrition know-how needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and we believe that nutritious daily food choices can help prevent chronic disease and assist in managing these conditions.

  • Ifeoma Igbokwe
  • Ifeoma provides nutritional and lifestyle consultations to help individuals achieve vitality and sustain optimum balance of health. She strongly believes in how food, environment and lifestyle can make a significant difference to a person’s health. She has worked with many individuals with different chronic health issues and has supported them with functional nutritional therapy. She enjoys helping clients to achieve their health goals through individually tailored nutrition counseling. She is certified with various courses from prominent universities which include:

    1. Nutrition and Physical activities- University of Pittsburgh
    2. New Nordic Diet- from Gastronomy to Health – University of Copenhagen
  • Ada Nwaeze
  • Ada is a well presented, self motivated and confident dietitian with experience of assessing patients’ nutritional needs, then developing and implementing nutrition programs for them. She possesses the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about dietary matters in an understandable form to patients and has a record of successfully promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet modifications to individuals.

    Her areas of expertise include Nutritional issues, health promotion, nutritional calculations, menu analysis, developing nutritional care plans, nutrition screenings. She holds an Msc in Human Nutrition from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, with specialisation in Public Health Nutrition.

Plans & Pricing

Perfectly tailored for you

Consultations are designed around you and what you desire. Take advantage of these promo plans and live healthy!

Standard Plans


  • Nutrition plan
  • 0 Meal Recipes
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 1 Consultation

Basic Plus

  • Nutrition plan
  • 1 Meal Recipe
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 1 Consultation


  • Nutrition plan
  • 2 Meal Recipes
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 2 Consultations

Premium Plans


  • Nutrition plan
  • 4 Meal Recipe
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 4 Consultations

Premium Plus

  • Nutrition plan
  • 5 Meal Recipes
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 5 Consultations
  • 1 Spa Treatment


  • Nutrition plan
  • 8 Meal Recipes
  • Pre-shopped Grocery Cart
  • 6 Consultations
  • 2 Spa Treatments

Health Tips

What Is Worth Knowing?

Did you know?

I bet you didn’t know that apples are more effective than coffee when you wake up in the morning

Did you know?

Did you know that raisins cures high blood pressure? 60 raisins contains 1g of fiber and 212mg of potassium both recommended in dietary approach to stop hypertension

Did you know?

Broccoli contains twice the amount of vitamin c as compared to an orange.

Did you know?

Apricots is the go to fruit for preventing kidney stones?

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